How Some Buses & Coaches Have Been Converted Into Unique Homes

Author: Mark Boyle

Date: Tuesday 31st March 2020

Category: Blog

During their lifespan, buses and coaches have a key responsibility in taking groups of people from place to place. They are used for regular public transport, long journeys, school trips and much more. But what happens when a bus ‘retires’?

In this article we will look at some of the creative ways buses and coaches have been transformed into homes and other unique conversions.

Double Decker to an RV

First up we have one of the best examples of a bus conversion. This huge conversion project saw the vehicle transform from a double decker bus into an RV motorhome. The bus once belonged to a Dutch tour company and in 2011 the new owner conducted a thorough plan to turn it into something different. It now comprises of stylish living arrangements and has everything needed for comfortable accommodation on the move.

Here’s a video of how this conversion project happened in just 20 steps…

Bertram’s Hotel

This next conversion is inspired by At Bertram’s Hotel, a detective novel from Agatha Christie. From the outside the bus looks like a normal red London bus, but on the inside is accommodation for up to 5 people. This bus is based in Devon where travellers can book a unique getaway. The doubler decker features a 1950s design and comes with a cosy living arrangement. Guests can enjoy a vinyl record player, 1960’s radio and a TV – plus plenty of Agatha Christie’s classic novels! There is, of course, a shower and toilet on the bottom floor, and there’s plenty to see and do in the local area.

New Mexico School Bus Conversion

This family decided to take an ambitious dive into moving out of their home and converting a former Blue Bird school bus into a motorhome, of which they made their home for five months. They sold several of their personal belongs and decided to live on the road rather than the initial plan of using the bus for long-distance travelling only. The bus features a very modern and elegant homely design and the family acknowledged that it gave them plenty of food for thought having to manage with less space.


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Bendy Bus

Say hello to the ‘bendy bus’, a bus conversion like no other. This project once again saw an old school bus transform into a house on wheels, but this time with a bit of a different. This bus if that of a ‘bendy bus’ which means to say that the latter part of the bus is connected with a pivoting joint.

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